Faculty Units

  • Department of General History

    The Department of General History strives to provide a comprehensive programme, not only in terms not only of geographical areas (European history, American history, Russian history and Global history) but also of historical periods and questions we ask about the past.
  • Department of Classical Studies

    The Department of Classical Studies
  • Department of Arabic

    The Department of Arabic offers both undergraduate and advanced degrees, up to and including the Ph.D. We specialize in Judaeo-Arabic language and literature as well as Islamic theology and philosophy. We also have strong course offerings in modern Arabic literature, poetry, and advanced grammar.
  • Department of General Philosophy

    We see our main goal in the Division of General Philosophy in cultivating and promoting philosophical thinking in a variety of philosophical traditions and schools. We regard philosophy as central to our intellectual heritage and to our self-understanding and as vital to the entire spectrum of...
  • Department of Comparative Literature

    In the Department of Comparative Literature we use a comparative approach to study texts and masterpieces of world literature and culture in order to examine relations, connections, and differences of human creativity in different places, times, and mediums...
  • Department of Information Science

    The Department of Information Science educates students to serve as information professionals, knowledge managers and to hold leadership positions in: libraries and information centers, hi-tech companies, public institutions and in the information industry.
  • Department of French Culture

    The Department of French Studies at Bar-Ilan University offers study tracks for a B.A. degree, which includes courses in French culture, literature, linguistics and history, and study tracks for M.A. (thesis and non-thesis) and Ph.D. degrees.
  • Department of Music

    The Bar- Ilan Music Department was founded in 1970 to meet the demand of a wide diverse student public interested in musicology and ethnomusicology. Since that time, many new degree programs have been added: music teacher's certificate, master's degree in music therapy, advanced degrees...
  • Department of English Literature and Linguistics

    The Bar-Ilan English Department is composed of two independent, structurally related divisions: English & American Literature and Linguistics.
  • Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies

    The Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies is the only one in Israel to offer an MA program in translation and interpreting studies as well as the option of a PhD in Translation Studies. It also provides in-depth training in translation and interpreting as professions.
  • Multidisciplinary B.A. Program

    A joint undertaking of all the Humanities departments aimed at increasing the BA student's awareness of the great variety existent in the fields of humanities, thought and culture, from the near West to the Far East.
  • English as a Foreign Language Unit

    The English as a Foreign Language Unit offers programs at all academic levels. The main purpose of the EFL programs is to equip university students with sufficient knowledge of the English language so that they can successfully cope with academic texts in English. The primary focus of the...